information_items_1519Beeswax is the basis for construction of a hive of bees. This healthy building material consist honeycomb where containing honey, pollen. There is the development of a bee from laying eggs in the uterus up to adult bees.

Due to its healing qualities since ancient times wax has been used by mankind to fight against various diseases. Get it by from the honeycomb after the extraction of honey.

After that, the honeycomb melt in hot water, as a result, the surface appears ready wax has a pleasant honey aroma that intensifies when heated. But be aware that it should not overheating up to 100 degrees, as it can lose its excellent qualities.

The consistency of the wax dense and hard, and in cold temperatures it becomes brittle. Storage wax should necessary in dry areas with good ventilation, protecting him from odorous substances, as it easily absorbs all.

Beeswax contains mineral compounds, saturated free fatty acids, alcohols, hydrocarbons, aromatic substances, bee pollen, propolis. It is noticed that the content of vitamin A (100 g – 4990 IU) exceeds in contrast to beef (100 g – 60 IU).