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information_items_1519Beeswax is the basis for construction of a hive of bees. This healthy building material consist honeycomb where containing honey, pollen. There is the development of a bee from laying eggs in the uterus up to adult bees.

Due to its healing qualities since ancient times wax has been used by mankind to fight against various diseases. Get it by from the honeycomb after the extraction of honey.

How to choose honey

352Certainly since childhood we all know how honey is formed. The raw material for honey is nectar contained from the flower. Bees are diligently collecting nectar, and when nectar interacting with their saliva it is formed a favorite sweet product honey.

Other bees take the honey and move it into the cell. In a comb honey «matures», the water is evaporates from honey, and then the bees close the cell with wax caps. From that moment you can start to gather the honey.

Fakes honey and methods of their determination

talizadaFalsification or counterfeiting of honey has been known since ancient times, especially in connection with the development of the sugar industry. Over the past century rigging techniques improved.

They began to use syrup, invert sugar, sucrose. For forgery used different carbohydrate containing substances, such as potato and corn starch, and other products. Forged honey has become difficult to distinguish from natural not only organoleptic and also in laboratory research.

Honey – dishes for pharaohs

продать мёдHoneybees is the one of the oldest species of animals surviving from Neolithic times. In the course of human history, honey was used mainly as a sweetener, and also in medicine. Primitive man collecting and eating the sweet honey and honeycombs of wild bees yet for 7000 years BC

As the sweetness honey was an important food for humans since the beginning of his appearance. The history of honey for Homosapiens began in the Stone Age. In order to get the sweet honey, a man climbed up on the rocks, trees, risking their lives.

How to store honey

Hranenie-medaThe big significance for maintaining the quality of the honey it is a question of how to store honey. Honey with easy perceive the surrounding odors, have highly hygroscopic, also absorbs moisture, turns sour.

It has a lot of yeast, which under favorable conditions begin to multiply and that is why breakdown of the sugars. It is best way to store honey at temperatures up to 10 degrees, in a glass or pottery, or in barrels of linden, aspen, spruce, poplar.