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How to distinguish the wax from the counterfeit?

pchelinyy_voskToo frequently unscrupulous sellers offer a fake guise of beeswax to person, who don’t no a lot about the apiary. It is necessary to know how to buy a useful product for health. There are many ways to do this.

  • The color of natural wax varies from white to dark brown. According to smell like honey or propolis.
  • In the context of the knife surface should have a matte finish.
  • When it heated this product should not have to change its original color.
  • …….


What is honey?

honey-5Scientists counted more than 300 different compounds and substances in composition of honey. The most part oh honey occupied by glucose and fructose. Content of those monosaccharoses is about 65-80% of the total volume. The main objective of this tasty component is to provide energy for bees.

The water content in the mature honey up to 20%. Probably honey represented something very hard without water. Thanks for this liquid part of honey happen satisfaction of needs in the water for bees at winter. Water plays an important role in the metabolism of honey bee, content of water in honey as it is a margin for them.

Healing properties of honey

honey-2Honey has a great healing power. Curative properties of honey can’t compared with any product. This gift of nature to humanity is invaluable and unlimited. Anyone who uses honey every day, don’t think about diseases. They are full of energy and lightness, their joy of life.

If you feel weakness or sickness you need just to include in the diet some honey and bee products, and the healing properties of honey gradually return the energy of life. The advantage of honey is so boundless that it is possible to carry on a conversation for a long time. Let us dwell on the most important and more meaningful healing facts.

Types and properties of honey

купить мёдHoney is considered the most valuable and useful for health product, as it has many helpful properties. Today everyone knows that honey is very rich and useful product to health. It is a powerful source of energy, refines the blood, improves immunity, normalizes function of internal organs, and also protects the body from premature aging.

In order to get the desired result, it is very important to know what kind of honey to eat. What types of honey are? Currently, there are more than 60 species. The most common types of honey and their properties, we will now consider.