Recent scientists research have revealed that natural honey is one of the most nutrition valuable product. Honey is rich in wholesome microelements, that is why nutritionists recommend it for everyday consumption.

Antibacterial and immunobiological features of honey stimulate metabolism and eliminate toxins and other harmful substances from the body. «Vara-Group» ltd is specialized in natural honey processing, packing and export.

Our production facility is equipped with all necessary equipment, which complies with all European Union standards
Production capacity is 3000 ton annually. Minimum lot – 21 000 kg.
The homogenized honey is bottled in new iron drums of 200 liters. (300 kg).
Each drum from inside covered with a special natural coating. For each lot of drums issued all the necessary quality certificates and quality passport.
Our honey complies with all the standards and veterinary requirements of the EU. Each lot of honey is tested in our own laboratory, also it is tested by laboratory accredited by the Ukrainian state center of standardization.

Honey does not have any odors or alien flavors ,is not spoiled and does not scum, it is not overheated to such a degree, that its natural enzymes are destroyed or become inactive , is not artificially modified acidity, does not contain antibiotics, pesticides or medicines residues. We have permission to export honey worldwide.

We offer for export organic poliflora honey.
1. The honey is packed in metal drums (covered inside with special coating), weight net weight – 300 kg. , gross weight – 316 kg.
Minimum lot is 20 000 kg.
2. We can label packed honey jars with customers stickers. Minimum lot is one container 20 feet size. Price is negotiable. .
3. Poliflora organic honey can be packed in sticks 18 gram each, which are packed in carton box.10*18=180 g. Or 25*18=450g. By customers request our products can be packed in any consumer packaging. Price may vary depends on volume, payment conditions and season. We can ship worldwide.

We are looking forward to see you among our customers !