Many people consider beeswax as a side product of honey production, but they do not know that beeswax can keep its unique features during several years.
In modern world, beeswax is used in various sectors of industry, it is used as a raw material for cosmetic productions.Advance technologies of «Vara-Group» let to process and purify beeswax in the most efficient way.Processing cycle is an environmentally safe and raw material by itself has a certificate confirming compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements. Nevertheless before the procurement of raw honey it test in “in house” laboratory, which equipped with modern equipment. These tests allow to exclude the presence of adulterated supplements and obtain 100% natural, high-quality wax. Production capacity is 600 ton annually. We have permission to ship beeswax worldwide.

2. We offer to supply natural purified and sterilized beeswax
Beeswax packed in briquettes with net weight 15-25 kg
Minimum supply quantity is 5 000 kg.
By customers request beeswax can be packed in any type of package.
Price may vary depends on volume, payment conditions and season. We can ship worldwide.

We are looking forward to see you among our customers !