honey-2Honey has a great healing power. Curative properties of honey can’t compared with any product. This gift of nature to humanity is invaluable and unlimited. Anyone who uses honey every day, don’t think about diseases. They are full of energy and lightness, their joy of life.

If you feel weakness or sickness you need just to include in the diet some honey and bee products, and the healing properties of honey gradually return the energy of life. The advantage of honey is so boundless that it is possible to carry on a conversation for a long time. Let us dwell on the most important and more meaningful healing facts.

Thanks for the rapid transformation sugars of honey are easily converted into other more easily digestible sugars – glucose and fructose. This ability of honey, regardless of the high content of acids, it promotes the easy absorption of even very sensitive stomach. Further improved work intestines and kidneys.

Drunk diluted in warm water honey a few minutes into the blood stream. After that work of the brain improves, you feel cheerfulness and energized. All this thanks to sugars – glucose and fructose. Because we all know that for the brain needs sugar, and honey is the best that can be used for this purpose. If students and pupils from school is looking tired, student’s progress slow down, add in theirs diet honey, pollen, royal jelly and improvement will not take long.

Honey – the main source of energy supplied for the formation of blood. Due substances in honey normal blood flow is restored, blood is cleansing. Honey is an excellent preventive tool against atherosclerosis.

The fact that honey possesses invaluable force antiseptic effect on microorganisms proved a long time ago. The honey environment can not develop bacteria, yeasts and molds. Thanks for the content in honey and inhibin antiseptic effect occurs. Another antiseptic properties of honey called «influence of inhibin» (the title of the enzyme inhibin).

Reasons of antiseptic effects of honey:

  • The highest sugar content
  • High levels of acid (low pH)
  • The content of hydrogen peroxide
  • The content of antioxidants

A huge amount of vitamins and minerals enriched honey. Not only sugar, but also potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium chloride, iron and phosphorus are part of honey and can easily digestible by the humans bodies. The large amounts of vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, C, B3, B5, etc. As well as a small amount of iodine, zinc and copper makes honey an indispensable food. But all these nutrients are present only in natural honey. And the younger the honey, the more useful substances therein.