продать мёдHoneybees is the one of the oldest species of animals surviving from Neolithic times. In the course of human history, honey was used mainly as a sweetener, and also in medicine. Primitive man collecting and eating the sweet honey and honeycombs of wild bees yet for 7000 years BC

As the sweetness honey was an important food for humans since the beginning of his appearance. The history of honey for Homosapiens began in the Stone Age. In order to get the sweet honey, a man climbed up on the rocks, trees, risking their lives.

Based on the preserved monuments of ancient culture can assume that primitive man hunted for honey as a delicious and nutritious product. The most ancient monument, depicting the production of honey man found near Valencia (Spain), and it belongs to the Stone Age. On the stone preserved image of a man surrounded by bees, trying to extracted honey. The Egyptian pyramids were found information about using honey as a food and healing agent products. In the ancient medical papyrus written 3,500 years ago, it has already indicated that honey is good to take a medication for wounds, “to induce urination” and “as a means to ease the stomach.”

In the same papyrus there are descriptions of debilitating diseases ( “uhet” and “zanoroyd” – specific types of tumors), for the treatment of which used medicines containing honey and lotions from honey. In another ancient Egyptian medical papyrus provides a lot of interesting information about the treatment of wounds with honey. The extraction of honey it is the ancient Slavic trade. It called apiculture, and the people engaged in that is beekeeper. Beekeeper took care of the old thick trees with a hollow and made a hole by themselves for arranging a warehouses for honey reserves. Apiculture was not an easy task. A lot of effort, skill and labor required of the “climbers”. He had to climb tall trees to be able to “get on» with bees and know their temper. Commercial honey prosper in the Slavic lands as well as fur trade.