продать мёдAlmost everyone has repeatedly heard that honey is an excellent remedy for many ailments. The beneficial properties of this wonderful delicacy help boost the immune system and organize the work of internal organs. And the regular use of honey can increase the level of white blood cells to improving the quality of blood. Moreover not many people know that just honey is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

From immemorial time peoples known that the body of human, who often use honey, is less susceptible to tiring and aging, so the honey is very popular not only in medicine but also in cosmetology. Based on this it’s not surprising that honey is a recognized medical alternative to sugar: if you mix honey with cream cheese, the dough or pastry, dessert or tea, the benefits of food is amplified several times.

Vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antibacterial agents included in the honey to have a positive effect on gastro-intestinal tract of a human. Thanks to this substances, honey is able to normalize the hormones. And the components present in the chemical composition of the honey are not compatible with the molds, so that product can be kept for many years, without fear for the quality! Honey has a positive effect on both the children and the elderly bodies, increasing appetite, enhancing mental activity, as well as helping to restore optimal physical condition. Some varieties of honey, has a calming effect, paired with lactose have a sedative effect, rescuing from insomnia.

The properties of the transparent and colorless honey locust legends, in practice the regular consumption of this variety allows to strengthen the immune system, to get rid of insomnia, to eliminate problems of the biliary system. And is also useful for people suffering from chronic diseases of the heart, stomach, liver and kidneys.

прием меда

Honey is one of the best remedies for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and colds. The positive effect of linden honey is observed in the treatment of ENT, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease, as well as helps to alleviate and cope with a number of problems associated with the peculiarities of the female body. Due to the antiseptic and healing properties of linden honey is one of the best remedies for topical application for burns of varying degrees and surface wounds.

Do not forget about the field honey with a healing properties of herbs. Wild honey is useful for migraines, high blood pressure, heart problems. Periodic consumption allows to clean and strengthen the nervous system and contributes to the development of the immune system. Have to say that chestnut honey is one of the best antiseptics known to modern medicine, raspberry honey – an excellent remedy for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases and the common cold.

Worth pointing out that almost all varieties of honey have some benefit, but it becomes noticeable only during the regular consumption. However, don’t also abuse of honey because overuse can cause an allergic reaction!