352Certainly since childhood we all know how honey is formed. The raw material for honey is nectar contained from the flower. Bees are diligently collecting nectar, and when nectar interacting with their saliva it is formed a favorite sweet product honey.

Other bees take the honey and move it into the cell. In a comb honey «matures», the water is evaporates from honey, and then the bees close the cell with wax caps. From that moment you can start to gather the honey.

There are different varieties of honey depending on kind of flowers the bees use to extract the nectar: buckwheat, floral, lime, sunflower and others. But there are cases when unscrupulous beekeepers feed the bees sugar. Here comes the question: how to choose the right honey? Because you want to not only taste sweet, but also benefit.

The authenticity of natural honey can be determined by the laboratory method, checking for the criterion diastase number. But it’s easier to remember some rules:

  • honey should be purchased from a beekeeper in good standing;
  • if you buy honey in the store, then to be sure ask to see a certificate of quality and carefully check the package;
  • honey which is stored for a long time, begins to crystallize, acquiring grains similar to sugar;
  • honey should not have a sour odor or taste;
  • good honey can’t run off from the spoon;
  • honey should not have white foam;
  • honey has a variety of shades from light yellow (sunflower, honey from acacia) to amber color (buckwheat).

Sometimes in the “unripe” honey added chalk, starch, molasses. To determine that we can used the aid of iodine. A few drops of this chemical element should be mixed with honey, and if there is a blue tint, it is means that the honey added starch. The sugar content in honey can review lunar caustic. If admixture of chalk is in the honey, adding a few drops of vinegar and the mixture will begin to foam. If natural honey to put in glass of water, then it should be fully dissolved with no sediment on the bottom. Choosing the “wrong” honey can be a severe consequence for health, but using these guidelines you will save health and enjoy your favorite treats get.