Hranenie-medaThe big significance for maintaining the quality of the honey it is a question of how to store honey. Honey with easy perceive the surrounding odors, have highly hygroscopic, also absorbs moisture, turns sour.

It has a lot of yeast, which under favorable conditions begin to multiply and that is why breakdown of the sugars. It is best way to store honey at temperatures up to 10 degrees, in a glass or pottery, or in barrels of linden, aspen, spruce, poplar.

A pine riveting secrete resin and honey gets scent of it. In oak barrels it will blacken. In iron jars it’s getting dark also. In zinc bottles appeared toxic compounds which are very harmful to humans. Package for store of honey have to be always tightly closed. Need to avoid not alkaline metal utensils where honey can takes a metal taste.

Honey can dry wood and therefore dry-looking tubs or barrels will soon give a leak. Instead tubs good utensil for storing honey can serve as drawers, fold in whipped nails. For a honeycomb can be used small cardboard boxes. Very highly regarded mobile sectional honey, but not always profitable its production. This is due to excessive consumption of honeycombs, more work for the bees – the construction of new combs. And the bees are working in small framed reluctantly.

If you do not have linden barrel the best way to store honey is put it in a glass jar and seal the lid after purchase. The jar placed in a dark, cold place. That way honey can be stored for years and if it is natural, then nothing will happen with it.