Main mission of  «Vara-Group» to recount about benefits and value of our products to customers. It is impossible to achieve without quality assurance.

Raw honey is procured from apiaries located in ecologically clean areas of center and south Ukraine. Quality of honey is strictly controlled and complies with all ecological standards of Ukraine and EU.

 cares about preservation of the natural properties of honey and beeswax, while it’s processing, and tracks every step of production. Our quality policy has been developed and implemented to achieve the highest product quality and safety. Every batch of honey and beeswax is strictly tested for quality assurance before entering company’s warehouse.  Laboratory – is a key department in the structure of our company.

Our laboratory equipped with high end equipment and conducts input quality control of honey and beeswax. Laboratory’s equipment allows to detect the presence of antibiotics and various additives, impurities and other harmful elements in honey and beeswax.

Products supplied by our company fully complies with all veterinary standards of EU. Honey is tested in our laboratory, also it is tested in external laboratory which certified by Ukrainian certification center.

After homogenization process has been finished,  honey is taken to Ukrainian state R&D institute for further tests for compliance with sanitary and veterinary standards.  Also, by customer requests we can send the samples of homogenized honey to «Interteк» laboratory, Bremen, Germany.
Also, all our products are tested for radiological control in independent state institutions for compliance with the physical and chemical indicators of standards.

Honey specifications:
Physical and chemical specifications

Indicator and measurement unit Acceptable rate
Portion of water,% 19
Mechanical additives Not allowed
Hydroxymethyl furfural (HMF) 15
Diastaz  number by Goth 10
Part of glucose + fructose,% 70


Indicator and measurement unit Acceptable rate
Nitrofurans, AMOZ, AOZ, SEM, mcg / kg 0,5
Chloramphenicol, mcg / kg 0,1
Streptomycin, mcg / kg 5
Sulfonamides, mcg / kg 10
Tetracycline, mcg / kg 5

GMO free. Any other tests are carried out in accordance with customer request.

Specifications of natural sterilized and purified beeswax :

Classification Technical
Period of storage No less than 5 years
Acid value 17.0-22.0
Etheric value 70-80
Saponification value 87-102
Ether to the acid value ratio 3.3- 4.4
Ceresin, paraffin wax and others Not allowed
Glycerol and other polyols Not allowed
Hydrocarbon максимум 14,5
Synthetic additives Not allowed
Water mass fraction Ø 0,5%
Density at 20 ° C 0,956-0,970
Melting temperature No more 66°С